Welcome to Black and White

You'll find us at the Northern end of Paradise Beach near Sanyang. We have a beautiful environment shaded by Casuarina trees and Coconut palms. We have a few sunbeds, tables and chairs so bring a towel if you want to sunbathe. We have a nice little bar serving beer and soft drinks and toilets on site.

Our lovely beach curves around a small bay where the ocean is warm and calm, so great for swimming. We will happily prepare lunch - fish and chips is a speciality as we are only 100m from the local fishing boats. Please call us to arrange this +220 762 2866 or +220 778 1467 or if you want us to stock the bar before your arrival.

Vehicle access is from the How Ba road (the first on the right from the main highway in Sanyang if you are driving South - make a left before you reach the end of the road - we have a small sign, but you will need a 4x4 this way) or from the Fishing Centre (at the end of the second road on the right - turn right again when you reach the fish market). You can also walk north along the beach from the fishing centre or Rainbow Lodge - this takes you past the local fishing boats (be respectful and cover up a little as you pass them and they will respect you more in return).

Camp Site

We're now ready for camping. Our toilet has been refurbished and the well has been drained and re-rug and is now yielding clean water that's good enough for washing, showering and cleaning (and for flushing the loo the Gambian way - we fill a bucket for your use every morning).

  • Designated camping area for tents and caravans
  • Separate parking areas for cars and camper vans
  • Night security guard
  • Secluded toilet
  • Coming soon - Cold water shower with a sky view (screened for privacy)
  • Basic breakfast of tea or coffee with fruit, bread and eggs

Price per night: D100 per person + D100 per vehicle (car or camper van) + D75 per person for breakfast. That means a couple with a tent but no car would pay only D350 per night including breakfast (about 6 pounds or 8 euro) and 4 people in a camper van without breakfast would pay only D500 per night (around 9 pounds or 12 euro).